remote CCTV monitoring

What is remote CCTV monitoring.


Many businesses will use CCTV systems to act as a protection to warehouses, offices and even some people will purchase CCTV for residential use. When CCTV is used alongside remote monitoring it becomes a powerful device and adds power to your security. How does remote CCTV monitoring work? The system will be connected to your internet connection this will allow the capture of the images from the CCTV to be send over to external monitoring station or connecting to a computer within a building or household to receive the images. An advantage of having a monitoring system is you can choose whether you would like your cameras to be monitored throughout the day and can be turned on and off on your command. The software that is used with cameras will focus on the activity on your site, this process will occur as soon as the alarm is activated. Operators will then monitor all the activity manually.

Features of remote CCTV monitoring


Remote CCTV will allow the ability to monitor your site from a wide number of different angles when using the monitoring system. You also can have remote control of moveable cameras, this is where you can change the way the camera is facing from a computer mouse on the software that you have used to connect to a computer. A CCTV camera will reduce crime rates and will prevent thieves, a CCTV camera is effective as having a manned security guard, this will save a lot of money for your company and allow 24-hour protection. If you are a director of a business and you have gone away on holiday CCTV will also be a great tool to use to see what other employers are doing whilst you are not at work also this means you have control over your property throughout the day and night.