Transparent LCD

The Future transparent LCD


The see-through display technology is revolutionizing the industry be it the computer and mobile industry or the retail industry and transparent LCD is an example of such a technology. Companies such as planar systems and Samsung have made the use of this technology possible by:

• Incorporating the electronic display technology into consumer goods like televisions, mobile telephone devices and so on

• Incorporating the technology into building and construction materials such as glass

What is the importance of the see-through display

The technology enhances capability of the screen to not only display the images being shown but also allow the user to see through them.

• The retail industry has experienced massive improvement. The shopping window doesn’t only allow one to see through it and view the product but also displays scrolling advertisement messages and texts.

• Vehicle windows allow one to see through and also display heads-up messages to do with speed, engine conditions and inbound dangers.

• Refrigerator windows in pubs allow one to see the beverages as well as display messages, sport adverts and so on. These messages are meant to promote spark up and promote conversations amongst customers.


In line with advancement


In addition the concept of augmented reality has been made possible whereby a viewer’s perception of reality is enhanced by use of real and digital images at the same. Augmented reality uses simulations and computer generated data inputs such as videos, graphics, GPS to modify actual environment elements. Augmented reality is important in all industries such as the retail, sports, medical, military industry and so on.

• Companies like L’OREAL has allowed its sales team to use the technology to display 3D models of their products to customers

• Simulating and testing of new designs of items like jewels, boxes and so on has been made possible

• Students in medical schools are using the technology to practice surgery in laboratories

LCD is the cheapest see-through display technology. This is because they use natural lighting such as the suns instead of backlights.

The bottom line, transparent LCD technology has been interwoven into consumer products nowadays and the products have wide applications in homes, offices, restaurants, pubs, spas and saloons. You can buy order these products online at an affordable cost.